Andrew Rappaport

More on Alistair Begg and Responding

Apologetics Live episode 231 We will continue the discussion on the comments from Alister Begg after his sermon explaining his comments.

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What is a Pastor? 1 Timothy 2:12-14, Part 3

Rapp Report episode 284 In this episode, we examine in depth the passage of 1 Timothy 2:12-14, addressing the key text that teaches that women cannot be pastors.

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Responding to The Remanent Radio on Cessationism

Apologetics Live episode 230 We will address The Remanent Radio Podcast’s arguments against Cessationism. We will examine their arguments and provide our critic.

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Superficiality in the Church

Apologetics Live episode 229 Why is the church today so superficial? That will be discussed on this week’s Apologetics Live

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What is a Pastor? Not a Woman, Part 2

Rapp Report episode 283 Andrew starts his series on “What is a Pastor” with a discussion on what a pastor is not and that is a woman. Andrew addresses the following biblical arguments that people make from women in the Bible: Chloe Priscilla Junia Euodia and Syntyche Lydia Phoebe Deborah

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