Jeremy Howard

John MacArthur Raises Eyebrows at G3

Jeremy and Kenn react to a clip from the G3 2021 Pre-Conference in Atlanta from a panel discussion. John MacArthur was asked about the importance of eschatology and we discuss his response.
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061: On Money and Ministry – An Interview with Conley Owens

Ministry should be free! This should not be a controversial statement! And yet, seminary costs tens of thousands, conferences make hundreds of thousands (the larger ones make millions), and Logos charges for public domain books! How should we think about…

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060: Is it Ever Okay to Tell a Lie?

When the Nazis come knocking, when Pharoah starts asking, when spies are hiding in your roof…..what do you??? Can you lie to cover yourself? To cover others? To save a life? Can you ever leave pertinent information out of the conversation? What biblica…

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Are Gender Roles a Primary Issue??

This has been a hot-button issue of late, and we regularly get feedback on our chart from those asking why we place genders roles in the primary column. Listen to hear our reasons why.
0:00 Introduction
1:04 It is Clearly Taught in the Script…

Read More Founder Shea Houdmann: An Interview

We talked with Shea Houdmann, the founder and director of Got Questions Ministries about how this ministry got started and how he has navigated some of the challenging aspects of an online bible-question-answering ministry. If you have a Bible question, …

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