Phillip Sessa

#02 – Pelagianism – The Self Help Gospel

Are people born with a blank slate or with what theologians call Original Sin?  Do unbelievers really have free will and the capacity to choose God? Are unbelievers spiritually sick and in need of rescue, or spiritually dead and in need of resurrection?   You can find the answer to these questions and more on…

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#01 – Sabellius – The Great Pretender

Many Christians consider Oneness Pentecostalism to be just another Christian denomination.  On the surface, Oneness Pentecostals appear to be in line with orthodox Christianity. They claim to believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But a closer examination reveals that Oneness Pentecostals are anything but “Christian”.   Episode Navigation 03:35 – Overview of Oneness Pentecostalism 04:45…

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Welcome Message

A welcome message from the host of Stop and Think About It, Phil Sessa.   You’re Listening to Stop and Think About It – A Podcast for the Christian Thinker. In a day when sound Biblical preaching has been replaced by man-centered entertainment. And the church has become increasingly anti-intellectual. This podcast will encourage believers…

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