Steven Dew

Primary Doctrines: The Trinity

This week we continue our series through the primary doctrines we as Christians must agree on and believe. Last week we talked about monotheism – the belief in one God, and today we will talk about One God existing in three persons. The Trinity is definitely one of those doctrines that can be confusing quickly…

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Primary Doctrines: Monotheism

We are beginning a series on Primary Doctrines of Scripture that we think you must believe to be a believer. These are primary doctrines that can not and should not be altered. Todays topic is Monotheism. The belief that there is only one God! We are seeking to make these episodes a little shorter, so…

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Doctrinal Divisions

The guys discuss PST… or wait, was it PTS? Anyways, we will begin a new series with the podcast going over primary, secondary, and tertiary doctrines. This episode is mainly an overview and general discussion of some of the topics that are in relation to PST.

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Exegesis Vs. Eisegesis

In this episode, the guys discuss the two main approaches to Bible study as well as give their reasoning to why they believe only exegesis will do true justice to the Word. This will be a great episode for anyone, even for those who can’t pronounce exegesis, eisegesis, or Sega Genesis.

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Biblical Misconceptions: Part 2

On the last episode we talked about many Biblical misconceptions. We had so much fun that we decided to do a part 2. By way of warning, we must confess that sometimes the things you hear may be hard to hear, and may cause frustration. But we want to remind all believers that although something…

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