Wisdom: The Goal of Biblical Education

Thoroughly Equipped  S.2 Extra Episode While I study and work on Part 4 of TE’s IF: critique, I thought I’d share with you a workshop I presented at a Home Education Conference held at Victory Bible Church in Hammonton, NJ. This is the 2nd of two workshops I presented. To listen to the first workshop…

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Are you prepared for Spiritual Warfare?

Abundant Life Episode 40 In this episode Saso and Ben interview Lt. Col. Dave Grossman on the topic of the engaging in spiritual warfare. Are you prepared for Spiritual Warfare?

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Squirrel Chatter! Monday, September 26, 2022

On Today’s Show:
A prerecorded episode, as Squirrel is traveling to Conway, Arkansas for an on-campus intensive at Grace Bible Theological Seminary: Early Church History with Dr. James White 

Prayers from the Book of Common Pray…

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Daily Devotionals | Ambrose of Milan

Daily Devotionals with Religionless Christianity are a quick walk through the word. Each day we look at either a verse or two from scripture a meaningful commentary or other inspirational writing. Also, we include a daily Psalm, Proverb and a prayer. In today’s show, September 26th 2022, we are looking at a sermon from Ambrose…

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Three Ways We Tear Down Others

Chelsea and I shift gears to how we can find ourselves talking bad about others outside our home: extended family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, or church members. Why do we speak negatively to or about others? Envy, grudges, and competition can all make us slander people who are not the closest in our lives. What are…

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