The Bud Zone: Christian Nationalism: Fred Butler and Chris LeDuc, Part 1

The Bud Zone returns with a two-part episode featuring gracious and provocative conversation about Christian Nationalism with Fred Butler and Chris LeDuc.  Today’s episode is part one of this helpful conversation on this very timely matter. Fred Butler’s blog, Hip And Thigh, may be found HERE and his book, Royal Deceptions: Exposing The King James…

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Rescuing our Children, Part 3 – Alex Newman

Alex Newman, joins Yvette Hampton to expose the indoctrination, sexualization, and dumbing down of America’s children by government schools.
You will not want to miss this inside look at the public education machine, from the co-author of the ground…

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Remembering Todd Bordow

This week we talk about the loss of our pastor, Todd Bordow and then play one of our favorite sermons from him. If you’d like to give to Todd’s wife Cheryl, you can do so here. Be sure to to say in the notes that it’s for Cheryl.  Support Theology Gals monthly through Patreon  Support…

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Squirrel Chatter! Wednesday, May 31, 2023

On Today’s Show:
Prayers from the 2019 Book of Common Prayer
Reading from Daily Readings From the Life of Christ by John MacArthur
Study Bible Level Bible Study
Deuteronomy 10:12-22

The Christian Podcast Community website – https://podcasts.striving…

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Daily Devotional | Luke 22:31-32

Daily Devotionals with Religionless Christianity are a quick walk through the word. Each day we look at either a verse or two from scripture a meaningful commentary or other inspirational writing. Also, we include a daily Psalm, Proverb and a prayer. In today’s show, May 31st 2023, we are looking at Luke 22:31:32, Psalms 90:17,…

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