Dad Hackers

017: Mental Toughness | Ben Killoy

Mental toughness is a characteristic all men should strive to develop. When it comes right down to it, most of life-your Christian walk, parenting, relationships, health, etc… boils down to a mind-game. Listen in as U.S. Marine Ben Killoy talks…

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014: Reputation Management | Jared Meade

Today I’m joined by Jared Meade, who specializes in Reputation Management. Whether you’re a high-level executive, in the public eye, or just keep to yourself most of the time, you DO have a sphere of influence and it’s important for you to…

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013: The Power of a Coach | Marvin Penick

Today I get the honor to interview my friend and personal coach Marvin Penick. Listen in as Marvin and I talk about the power of having a personal coach and how it can really accelerate your growth as a man.

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