Doctrine Matters Podcast

Another Plea to Flee: Steven Furtick and Elevation Church

You may have heard that Elevation Church will not use words like “the blood of Jesus,” “Calvary,” or even “Resurrection,” when inviting people to their Easter service. There is a reason for that. Elevation Church is not a Church, and Steven Furtick is a heretic. #jesus #elevationworship #easter

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What Happens To Babies When They Die?

It’s a question that makes people squirm. What happens to babies when they die? What happens to aborted babies, stillborn babies, or even young kids who pass on from this earth? What happens to the mentally handicapped?  It’s a question that is difficult to answer and there is no verse that tells us exactly what…

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The Doctrine of Saving Faith

On this episode of the Podcast we unpack the doctrine of Saving Faith. Every believer must possess Saving Faith. We will look at three elements of saving faith and measure it against historical and temporary faith. Please like, share, subscribe and comment #faith #salvation #church

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