Matter of Theology

Who Are The Children of God?

Have you ever been asked, “who are the children of God?” only to be met with the reply that “everyone is a child of God.” the Bible is very clear about who is and who is not a child of God.  In this episode we discuss what it means when we ask the question, “who…

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The Danger of Pragmatic Communion

Have you ever thought about the Lord’s Supper and what it means?  In this episode, Drew and Chris discuss the Lords Supper and the dangers of pragmatic communion.  Article by Josh Buice:

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You Over God’s Commandments?

Andy Stanley is at it again. In this episode we address a comment he made in a recent sermon, “God loves you more than He loves His commandments.”  We hope that you hear our hearts as we discuss this idea of God loving us more than His own commandments. Our goal is to help you…

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