Matter of Theology

Judge Not

Do you constantly hear other believers throwing out the phrase, “judge not?” Do you get confused as to why in one area Jesus says not to judge, but in another He describes the type of judgement you should use?  In this episode, Drew and Chris discuss what the Bible means when it talks about judging.

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A Biblical Response to an Arbery Issue

It is no secret that the Ahmoud Arbery shooting has been the center of talk both inside the church and out. However, is the church being too hasty with choosing a position before all the facts are presented? what should the biblical response be?  Join Chris, Drew, and Josh as they discuss the Ahmoud Arbery…

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Biblical Counseling

In this episode Josh leads us through the differences between Biblical Counseling and Christian Counseling. You will hear the need for scripture as our foundation whenever engaging in counseling.

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