One Little Candle

Taking Back the Rainbow; Seeing Through the World’s Intention to God’s Goodness

June is gay pride month and the rainbow is everywhere you look. For the Christian, it can be very disheartening to see God’s holy sign of His covenant with the earth and all who dwell on it being so misused and basically blasphemed.

But take heart! Th…

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“The Best is Yet to Come ” Interview with Sara Broyhill Anderson.

Have current events left you feeling fearful of the future? A pandemic, financial instability, hostility, hatred, division. We all long for things to get better.
But what I they don’t? What if the world’s troubles worsen?

The fact is, God’s Word prom…

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Hope for the Weary Mom

Are you a battle-weary mom? Is Motherhood threatening to snuff out your flame?
If so, you are not alone, Mom! In this episode we’ll take a look at the trials and difficulties of being a mother that can leave us feeling stretched beyond our capa…

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Hope After a Stolen Inheritance; Overcoming Injustice

Have you found yourself a victim of a gross injustice? Has it left you feeling frustrated, powerless, helpless, angry, and bitter? If so, this episode is definitely for you!
Link for today’s song. 👇…

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