Theology Gals | Episode 16 | False Teachers & Christian Discernment

On this episode of Theology Gals Coleen and Ashley discuss what Scripture says about how we should respond to false teachers, those teaching things contrary to foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. New Intro includes:  Michael Horton Why is is important to know what you believe?, Matt Chandler The Bible is not about us, Daniel Hyde Once…

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Quest for Truth 119 Unseen Events (True Misconceptions)

A pre-recorded episode, where we visit Nathan Caldwell as he delivers a sermon titled: Unseen Events. (Matthew 10:34-40) After Keith introduces the topic of the movement of Christians away from holding a basic biblical outlook on life,

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Quest for Truth 118 Saving Sinners, with Charles E Fuller

The Old Time Revival Hour is a show from the world of old time radio, that first aired on March 10, 1940 Rather than playing the full hour, which consisted of a half hour of music, prayer requests, and reading letters from listeners,

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