Quest For Truth

Catholic and Protestant Differences, Part 1. (304)

Or, Views on the Apostles’ Creed, Who God is. – This is going to take a few installments, and even so, this is only going to be the tip of the iceberg of a rift between the Catholic Church, and the various flavors of faiths that were spawned out of p…

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Truth Exposed 24 Split Over Jesus, John 7:28-44 (303)

Getting right to the topic, Keith keeps the opening remarks short. – Before digging into John 7:28-44, some review is in order. – At the feast of booths, Jesus arrived late but didn’t waste time in getting to the temple to preach.

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Year in Review 2020. (302)

To get started, Keith reviews a few honorable mentions of the year. He shares the top 10 shows, using stats from web page views. The focus switches to download stats, and a countdown to the top episode of the year begins. – We notice some trends.

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