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Quest for Truth 43 Bible Study: Adam To Noah

In approaching a topic that often gets overloooked, Keith presents a solo episode to see what we can learn from little more than a list of names. The account...

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Quest for Truth 42 Battling Depression, with James Kennison

Picking up where we left off last time, we talk abut bad pastors. Not evil, just flawed… like anybody else. James talks about his journey from rural Georgia to...

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Quest for Truth 41 Real or Fake Religion, With James Kennison

We have a special guest today. James Kennison of That Story Show, the clean comedy podcast where he reads your funny life stories. Find all the work he has...

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Quest for Truth 40 Bible Survey 3: Ten Commandments.

Getting started we talk a little about the use of our official hash tags on twitter. For example a quick topic tattoos. And a possible bomb threat from Jill…...

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War Room – AYJW052

War Room has obvious Christian themes that baffle secular reviewers. Tim and Eve explore the discrepancy between critic and viewer ratings.

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Quest for Truth 39 Pagan or Holy Days.

Quest foor Truth 38 What Gives God the Right

In meeting the hosts, we answer the burning question from a listener. How did the hosts meet? Short answer… online, but for a more detailed recollections of events that...

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Quest for Truth 37 Life or Choice

Our famous messed up openings give us a rough start, and our Meet the Hosts segment gets a little side tracked. Care to lend a voice to change our...

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We were unable to record an episode in September due to a medical emergency and would value your prayers for Tim's family.

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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – AYJW051

Inside Out (2015) – AYJW050

Inside Out is a fun and emotional ride through an adolescent's emotions. Tim and Eve explore this emotional POV from a biblical worldview.

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Tomorrowland (2015) – AYJW049

Tomorrowland mixes modern day fears of apocalyptic destruction with yesteryear's excessively optimistic view of the future.

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Transcendence, Part 2 – AYJW048

Transcendence, Part 1 – AYJW047

The movie Transcendence provides material for lively discussions on how technology should be used and how created things can "evolve."

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The Monuments Men (2014) – AYJW046

Are people's lives more important than art? Tim and Eve explore the themes of The Monuments Men from a Christian worldview.

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