Moral Guidelines Without God: A Scriptural Rebuttal of the Book, Soul Boom Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution’s Philosophy

In this episode (99), host, Rebecca Berschwinger tackles chapters 8 and 9 of Rainn Wilson’s book, where she dismantles the proposed principles of Soul Boom, the Religion, using God’s Word. Topics include:

– The authors rejection of the doctrine of hell and eternal punishment

 -Soul Boom’s creation of moral guidelines without God 

 -Patriarchy and leadership roles and the idea that all interpretations of holy writings are valid and worthy of consultation

 – Questioning the inclusivity of Soul Boom’s faith, ie comparison to the Christian church’s acceptance of repentant sinners

– The validity of  spiritual teachings from ancient biblical prophets and writings

– The need for accountability and addressing sin in others while examining one’s own faults

– Discussion of various aspects of life on Earth, including war, climate change, and disunity

– World peace without Jesus Christ

-Belief in extraterrestrial life 

– The lack of progress in civility, morality, and science, including the rejection of fixed gender 

– Creating a new religion based on humanistic teachings and the need for a new great teacher

– Creating a religion that emphasizes life experience over doctrinal beliefs

– Stressing the necessity of the God of the Bible in making compassionate moral choices

– The Church’s stance on welcoming but not affirming individuals who do not turn from what the -Bible defines as sin and trust in Jesus Christ

– The belief in inherent goodness in humans

– The rejection of patriarchal beliefs and the need to rehonor the divine feminine in constructing the faith of the future

– Use of feminine language to refer to God

– Encouragement for listeners to stay close to God, cut out distractions, and pray for global leaders

– Emphasis on hope in Jesus Christ and a reflection on the state of the world, including climate change and biblical prophecies