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16:18 Podcast – 1.17 Anthony Russo

In today’s episode, I am interview a Christian author and fellow podcaster, Anthony Russo. Anthony is the Founder & host of Grace and Peace Radio podcast which I will post a link for in my description. He holds an mDiv and MA in Biblical counseling from Luther Rice, and is also the author of Pleasant Places: Reflections on the Christian Life, and his new book, Jesus Changed Everything.

Questions I ask Anthony

1. Tell us about yourself, your family, and your ministry.
2. I mentioned that you are an author of 2 books now, what is Jesus Changed Everything about and why did you write it?
3. Can you share your testimony, first? I know you talk about how Jesus changed you in the book, but can you give us a condensed version?
4. You mention in your book that you regret not going into the Air Force. How have you learned from that experience and how has your faith in God guided you in your decision making since then?
5. “The world is a contest of gods.” (p. 13.) This is a theme throughout the book. In what ways have you seen this to be true in your life and in the lives of those around you?
6. “People try to bargain with The Great Physician all the time.” (p. 16) Why do you think that is?
7. “In the end, when they realized they could not manipulate Jesus to get more free stuff, they moved on.” (p. 93) I have faced this in my ministry here, what is your response when you are trying to share Jesus but the person turns away when they realize they can’t get what they want?
8. “How can these out of alignment, polluted, hard-as-rock hearts of our become aligned, pure, and soft? They can’t. At least, not by anything we can do about it.” (p. 43) Does this mean that Christian’s can’t choose to believe in Jesus?
9. If someone is listening to this episode and they have never accepted Jesus as their personal savior, what is your response to them?


For those of you who are interested in Anthony’s book, Jesus Changed Everything, it is deeply saturated with the Gospel and easily accessible for everyone – regardless of your background or religious affiliation. In fact, I am going to order a copy of the book for the first 3 people who message me asking for one. If you have listened to this episode and feel like you need to know more about the Gospel or you are looking for a clear understanding of who Jesus Christ is and why He came to our earth, you can message me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by searching for the 1-6-1-8 Podcast, or at Again, thank you Anthony for being on the show, and I wish you God’s blessings in your ministry and with this book.

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