Church Planting

In this episode, I talk about the work of the early church: church planting. Was it just for the first Christians or is it for you, as well?

The early church focused on church planting as they worked to spread the Gospel throughout the known world. In Acts 14, we see an example of Paul evangelizing a community until there were enough believers to plant a church, setting up leaders and elders in that church, and then continuing to strengthen that church as he moved on to another location.

The New Testament’s goal for a new church was to have missionaries evangelize a community and then strengthen new believers to lead and establish a church in their own community.

Is this only a call for the early church or for those regions of the world that are unreached? No! There are NOT ENOUGH churches in this world. Sure, there are many churches in your city, near your church, or even many on your block, but that does not mean that the job of church planting is complete. People still need the gospel and they still need a church and sometimes the best way to reach the unreached is through the creation of a new church body.

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