Dan Wells

In this episode, I talk with Dan Wells, music pastor at The Orchard in Arlington Heights, about God’s call in our lives and how He directs us. Pastor Wells shared with me his experience working in the music industry, how his conversion to Christianity changed all areas of his life, how God worked to lead Him to a church and how he first began working in ministry.

Pastor Wells shared with me some really important advice: In our American culture we learn to never take no for an answer, but if God is saying no, then we better take it as a good answer!

More about Pastor Dan Wells

“Worship Pastor Dan Wells became a Christian in 1992 and poured his life into the Church. In the spring of 2000, he began full-time ministry at the Evangelical Free Church in Orange, CA, where he served until God called him here to The Orchard in September 2007. Trained in music at UCLA, Dan holds BA and MA degrees in composition and piano performance. He has been married since 1995 to his wife, Midge, and has three wonderful children, Lea, Donny, and Debbie.”


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