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16:18 Podcast – 1.18 Daniel Mynyk

In this episode, I interview Daniel Mynyk, host of the Truthspresso podcast, editor of truthhub.org, and co-author of “When the Watchtower Knocks.”

About Daniel

Daniel Mynyk is a software developer with experience in the education, real estate, and manufacturing industries. He is a devout Christian and an affluent lay apologist, having taught adult Sunday School classes in theology and church history. Daniel has authored the book Freedom To Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing. He has also been a guest on the syndicated radio show Bob Enyart Live and popular podcasts such as Apologetics Live, Theology Throw Down, and The Rap Report with Andrew Rappaport. He runs the apologetic website TruthHub.org and hosts the weekly podcast Truthspresso. Daniel lives in Colorado with his wife and four kids.

Here are a few questions that I ask Daniel in our interview:

  • Can you tell us a little more about yourself and how you came to write this book?
  • Where did Jehovah’s Witnesses come from and how are they different from other cults in our time?
  • Can you help us understand a few key doctrines that Jehovah’s Witnesses will attack?
  • What do you suggest a Christian do who is interested in being prepared to give the reason for the hope that they
    have, but they feel uneducated or unprepared to face Jehovah’s Witnesses?

My thoughts on Daniel’s book:

“When the Watchtower Knocks” is an easy read. It feels like you are sitting in the room, but it also tackles important and sophisticated theological doctrines in a way that anyone can understand. If you are like me and you learn from watching, Daniel’s book is essential a YouTube How-To video! It offers practical, on-the-job experience while providing important commentary to better equip you for when it’s your turn to witness to the Witnesses.

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