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16:18 Podcast – 1.15 Detective Brandon Queen

In this episode of 16:18, I interview Detective Brandon Queen from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Detective Queen is a member of First Presbyterian Church in Thibodaux, which is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination. In this interview, we briefly discuss his childhood, how faith played a role in his house and how his personal faith in Jesus Christ shaped his life, leading him to become a police officer. We also discuss his process as an investigator, the crimes that he sees and has to deal with, and how his faith and Christian worldview guide him as a police detective.

Key Takeaways

After my discussion with Detective Queen, I thought of some key takeaways for us all. First of all, it is important to remember that no matter what our profession, whether you are a student, a police officer, a businessman, a teacher, or whatever else you might be, you are a Christian first. There is a tendency in our culture to separate the sacred, or the private portion of our life, from the secular, or the public. It is important for all of us to put our Christianity first. We should not feel afraid to stand up for what we believe, regardless of the consequences.

Secondly, even when we encounter great evil in this world, we must continue to have hope. Why should we have hope in such an evil world? Because we know how the story ends. All evil deeds will not go unpunished, rather Jesus Christ will return and judge the living and the dead for their works. As Christians, we can rest in this truth. Even though we see horrible things in this world, we have hope in Jesus because He will return and bring us home to glory, and all the evil of this world will be judged and condemned.

Thank you, again, Detective Queen for coming on the 16:18 Podcast! You can find his podcast, The E.A.R here:

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