Dr. Ken and Cléa Rathbun

In this episode, I interview Dr. Ken and Cléa Rathbun. The Rathbuns served as missionaries in Jamaica for 14 years.

Dr. Rathbun’s Experience

  • Pastor, Hope Bible Church, Columbus Junction, Iowa
  • Baptist Mid-Missions missionary to Jamaica
  • Teacher and Academic Dean, Fairview Baptist Bible College, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Present Ministry

  • Vice President for Academic Services and Dean of the College, Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
  • Adjunct Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
  • Interim Director of Online Learning, Faith Baptist Bible College

Interests and Hobbies

Dr. Rathbun enjoys international traveling and the dear friends he has made. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Cléa, his young son Lucas Daniel, and his toddler Jeanette Maria Anna Victoria Isabel. He also enjoys his early morning study time of various theological topics from the history of Christianity.

*Biographical information taken directly from https://faith.edu/faculty/dr-ken-rathbun/


I enjoyed talking with Ken and Cléa. They shared great insight into God’s will for our lives, how to serve Him through difficult times, and how His plan is always greater and better than our plan.

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