February Update

In this episode, I give a live mission field update for February. If you missed the live event, be sure to follow me on Facebook for next month’s update.

Click here for video: https://fb.watch/bjo7_Xev6R/

“Tune in to hear an update from the missions field, what God has been doing, and how you can continue to pray for us! Send me your questions and I will answer them LIVE. Can’t tune in? Be sure to set your notifications wherever you listen to the 16:18 Podcast because I will be posting this event soon.”

Our current ministries in February:

  • Food Kitchen/Evangelism
  • Saturday morning children’s program
  • New Church Plant
  • Educational center

Prayer requests for February

  1. Pray for our programs
    1. We are giving the Gospel everyday to these children who come to our program. Pray that the seed would be planted in their hearts.
    2. Pray that the children come consistently and that they are dedicated to learning!
  2. Financial needs:
    1. Finish the renovation of the church
    2. Food and supplies for our February programs
  3. Pray for our youth
  4. Pray for our church as a whole

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