March Update

In this episode, I give a missions update for the month of March. I talk about our travel back to America and our next steps.

Traveling back to America

In March, when the war started in Ukraine, we decided to move up our planned trip a few weeks in order to save ourselves from any potential blockages or border closures. We booked our flights, packed, and were on a plane within 12 hours! It was a difficult day of travel, but our family finally made it home.

Work back in Medgidia for March

We are excited and praising God that our work is continuing to go forward even in our absence. This is a great joy to us and we are blessed that there are dedicated workers who will continue on the ministry during this time. It gives us confidence that even when we leave the country, the ministry that God has begun will continue through the body of Christ.

Next steps after the month of March

At this point, we are unsure what we are going to do. We pray that God makes it clear and that we can make a decision whether to return immediately, postpone our return, or whether or not God is calling us elsewhere. We ask that you continue to pray for us, that God may give us guidance in this and all things.

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