Matthew Rehrer, M.D.

In this episode, I sit down with Matthew Rehrer, M.D. Matt is an E.R. doctor in Oakland, and the author of “Redeeming Memory.”

More about Dr. Rehrer

“Matt Rehrer married his wife, Kara, in 2004. They moved to Texas for Matt to attend Baylor College of Medicine. After graduating in 2008, Matt and Kara moved to California for residency. After four years of training, Matt now practices as an emergency medicine physician in the Bay Area. He also serves on staff and as an elder at NorthCreek Church.” click for source

More about Dr. Rehrer’s book: Redeeming Memory

“Memory plays an important role in the Christian life both in its proper function but also in its corruption. This book is written for Christians who suffer knowingly or unknowingly from the heavy burdens of memory like grumbling, nostalgia, bitterness, regret, shame, as well as future fears of futility and insignificance. God removes these heavy burdens by His mercy at the cross and redeems memory back to its original purpose, to glorify and worship Him.” click for source

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