Nathaniel Jolly

16:18 Podcast – 2.14 Nathaniel Jolly

In this episode, I have a conversation with Nathaniel Jolly, a missionary in Homer, Alaska and co-host of the Truth Be Known Podcast.

About Nathaniel Jolly

“Nathaniel planted Homer Reformed Baptist church in 2020 after moving to Alaska from North Carolina. He earned his degree at a Baptist college as well as attending Master’s Seminary in CA. Nathaniel has pastored and been in church leadership since 2006 and served as a missionary overseas in South Africa. He is also the host of the Truthbeknown Podcast, which is an apologetics podcast dealing with current theological issues within the Christian church today. Nathaniel is also the author of All You Need: God’s Word. Nathaniel desires to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout Homer as well as an increased love for the Word of God and belief that His word is Authoritative, Inerrant, Inspired, and Sufficient.”

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