16:18 Podcast – TRAILER: What is 16:18?

Since I came to Christ, and especially since I have been working in Romania, I have seen over and over again the church’s struggles in how it should properly address cultural, social, and religious differences in order to reach the lost.

Why I started the 16:18 podcast

With this on my heart and mind, I have decided to do spend time studying the Word of God, praying, and seeking other, smarter people’s opinions on how this should look. How does the church engage with a historically Muslim community? How should the church take a stance on issues such as abortion while providing a defense in love? In what way can we engage and interact with members of the LGTBQ+ community? There is no end to problems that our world, cultures, communities and neighborhoods face, and as a response, I have decided to start the 16:18 podcast.

Where does “16:18” come from?

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says, “On this Rock, I will build my church.”. Together, we will look to Jesus and study the Word of God. While we do so, we can gain a better understanding for how we can be effective evangelizers in any culture, any society, any community and any neighborhood. My hope is that you will take these tools and use them to be ambassadors of Christ.

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