When do we say no? | Religious Liberty and COVID-19

16:18 Podcast – 2.5 When do we say no? | Religious Liberty and COVID-19

In this episode, I discuss how Christians should view religious liberty and COVID-19. When we should we comply and when should we say no?

Part one: Religious Liberty

I recently read about a Satanic Temple that started an after school club in a local elementary school in response to a Christian club beginning there, as well. The school claimed that they must allow the club in order to avoid a lawsuit because of the constitutional rights of the organization. This got me thinking about our response as Christians. I remember the scandal with the SBC supporting a mosque in New Jersey because of religious liberty, but should Christians be promoting false religions?

Part two: COVID-19

I’m sure you are just about as sick and tired of COVID as I am. The government seems to be changing its mind all the time and there is very little responsibility, clarity and truth being promoted from the most powerful people and companies in the world. As Christians, what is our response? We know that God has placed us under these rulers and it is our duty to respect and honor them (1 Peter 2:17), but when do we say no? What is our most important standard of truth and whom do we represent on earth?

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