Why Christmas?

16:18 Podcast – 1.21 Why Christmas?

Matthew 3:1-3 – “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.”

Jesus Christ came as Messiah.

  • Being fully man and fully God, He lived a perfect life under the law; a life that we could not live.
  • Though he was perfect, he died a sinner’s death; a death that we deserved.
  • Through the power of God and the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ defeated death and raised to life on the third day.

Jesus Christ will return to Earth.

  • After his resurrection, He ascended to heaven where he currently resides.
  • He did not leave us alone, but left us with His Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God which, for those who believe, resides in us, guides us, and lives in us.
  • He promised to return, take us into His presence, and establish His kingdom on the earth.

The Call for All People

  • John the Baptist was a messenger of the Lord, a voice calling out in the wilderness for all people to hear.
  • John’s call is relevant for you and me today: Repent.

Final Thoughts

  • If you repent of your sins and believe in Him, He is faithful and just and will forgive you your sins because of the payment made by Christ Jesus.
  • If you harden your heart, then you will face the wrath of God. As the prophet Malachi says, “But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears?”
  • If you harden your heart, you will be consumed by the fire of God and be damned to eternal torment in Hell.
  • If you repent and believe in Jesus, you will stand as righteous before the eyes of God and enter into eternity with Him.

The call is for all of us, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” What will your answer be?

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