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God’s amazing abounding grace

In this episode Saso and Ben cover the topic of God’s amazing abounding grace.

How do I gain victory in a world full of sin?

Because of God’s grace should I continue in my sin?

Why do I still struggle with my sin nature and my besetting sins?

How can I be victorious?

Take the grace has given you as discussed in Romans 5:20-21

Testimony of God’s grace in the midst of a wicked world

Are you praying for God’s grace?

God does not always say yes to what we ask for or even a bad thing we may ask to be taken away. Grace is always a sign of God’s good will towards us and it is sufficient in all things and for all things. We would not go to Him if we felt capable of being successful within ourselves. True victory is only found in Christ Jesus and only through His grace are we truly strong.

Will you allow His grace to abound in you?

Will you come boldly before Him and ask for His grace and will you take it when He gives it to you?

Are you sinning and presuming upon God’s grace? God forbid!

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