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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

In this episode Saso and Ben talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Below are some notes and thoughts directly derived from this episode. Enjoy!

The fact of the matter is that Jesus left the throne of heaven to be born of a virgin, 100% God and 100% man, he ministered on this Earth never once sinning. He was then innocently murdered by way of crucifixion, he died, and was buried. On the third day he rose from the dead conquering sin and death.

Why did he do this? Because God loves us so much and he wants to have a personal relationship with you. But the fact of the matter is that many will reject these truths, hence rejecting God and therefore leading to eternal death.

How about you?

What will you do with the gospel?

Will you almost be persuaded?

Will you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior?

Will you believe in the death, burial and resurrection of the spotless lamb?

Will you put your faith in Jesus Christ today?

Would you like to receive Jesus as your savior today?

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