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The Joy of Trials

Abundant Life Episode 33
In this episode Saso and Ben discuss the topic of trials. How do you respond to trials?

Trials –  A test of faith, patience, or stamina through subjection to suffering or temptation broadly : a source of vexation or annoyance. – Websters 1828

Key Verses
James 1:2-4
Sometimes call these sanctification tests, but God allows these into our life for a reason and purpose. Have you ever had your water heater break and counted in all joy? How about a besetting sin in your life? Man, what a joy to be tempted! 
Trials are meant to test and stretch us or grow us as Christians. An athlete that wishes to become the best spends hours in the gym lifting weights, eating right, working out, in order to strengthen his/her body. It takes a lot of discipline, which is why many of us are a little soggy around the midsection!

Essential Virtues, Mark of the Christ-Centered Life – The Christian, however, who faithfully seeks to develop these essential virtues (faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, endurance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love), will see every circumstance of life as a “fitness station” upon which the Trainer has arranged another repetition of the necessary surrender, dependence and obedience required to develop and manifest that virtue. – Jim Berg

When we go through trials we are being given opportunity to grow in our walk with God. The reality is that if everything were perfect, we’d likely never take the opportunity to seek God.
Why do we go through trials?
1 Peter 5:10
I think of Abraham who was tested and tried, and I cannot imagine how he was strengthen and changed by seeing God work through that trial. We often miss out on the perfect, stablish, and settle part as we fail the initial part of the test. I often cannot see beyond the trial and see only what is in front of me. I am short sighted in many of these cases.
Romans 5:3-4
In retrospect you can apply this to life. Just like this verse as well as our key verse in James, this testing is done so that we can build our endurance which results in hope according to Romans and contentment according to James. In short, trials are allowed in our lives to grow our dependence and faith in God.
1 Peter 1:6-7
It’s pretty clear that trials are not only to test the genuine of our faith but to change us into the image of Christ.
What are God’s promises with regard to trials?
1 Corinthians 10:13
Ecclesiastes tells us there is nothing new under the sun, and there is no temptation that our heavenly Father is not aware of. No new sin, no new circumstance, no nuance or no new red button person that has not been encountered. God promises not to give us a temptation that we will not be able to escape. Joseph was able to resist the pursuit of a married woman and Moses choose to suffer with the children of Israel rather than to indulge in the pleasures that Egypt had to offer.  
John 16:33
In our last podcast we discussed the peace that only comes from our God. Dr. Berg discussed that we will always have all tribulation in this world as this verse states, but there is tribulation with God and tribulation with God. God has overcome the world, and we have hope and joy in this victory. Help is there for the asking. 
Exodus 14:14
Allow God to fight for you! 
Matthew 11:28-30
Typically when we are in a trial, it’s not our first instinct to look to God’s promises. The bible is pretty clear, we as people are really good forgetters. Just think of the Israelites in the desert, seeing amazing miracles, then when trials came, they forgot God, and would complain, even to the point of becoming idolaters.
We as people are no different. In fact if we are honest, many of us have such a weak prayer life, and we only pray when bad things happen. 
The reality is that we must learn and teach ourselves to always have our gaze to God, he is sovereign and he cares.
Romans 8:28
This verse has a couple prerequisites,