I usually try to find some connection to each of the women we study, but I’m having a hard time with today’s woman. Remember back when we talked about Jezebel and we thought she was bad? Well, she’s nothing compared to her daughter Athaliah. Ladies, that Athaliah, was one evil woman.

I usually try to give us a takeaway and show how we have something in common with the women we study, but I really hope there’s no one listening who can relate to Athaliah. 

I’m sure, though, there are some women who have your eyes on a goal and are fixated on reaching that goal. Perhaps, like Athaliah, you feel handicapped by being a woman in a man’s world, so you think you have to be more aggressive and do whatever you have to do, trampling over everyone else, to reach your goal. Oh, ladies, there’s nothing wrong with chasing dreams, but please consider the cost. Is it worth it to gain the prize if you lose your loved ones in the process? You may not actually murder, but you can still do damage by the way you treat others. 

We’re all leaving a legacy of some kind. Good or bad, no matter who we are, we are impacting others around us. Oh that we might leave a positive influence and not be used as an example of what not to be.

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