In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at Jezebel, a woman so vile she’s forever known as the wickedest woman to ever live. So what did she do to gain such a reputation?

Jezebel is not someone we easily connect with, and yet, we may have more in common than we care to admit. 

As wives, we have terrific power over our husbands. They love us and want to please us. Have we ever, though, led them astray, causing them to do something they might not have done on their own? What about our children? What are they picking up from us? How are they imitating us? Are they following in our footsteps? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Have we ever been guilty of dominating over our husbands rather than letting them be the leader they were designed to be? Ahab was king, but Jezebel was the one calling the shots. Has that ever happened in your marriage?

What about are we more concerned with physical appearance than inner beauty? Are we consumed with our hair and makeup when we should be concerned with our hearts? 

And finally, are we endearing ourselves to those who know us best? Would they defend you in times of trouble or would they throw you out the window to your enemy?

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