Of all the Bible women we've studied thus far, I do believe Mary Magdelene's story may be the most difficult to tell. First, she's extremely misunderstood. Half of what people believe about her isn't even biblical. Then, each gospel writer tells her story in a different way, and it's hard to put them together. But I'm going to do my best to organize them in chronological order and bring to life the story of one of the most famous women of the Bible.

While it may be difficult to fully understand Mary Magdelene’s story, it’s easy to learn from her. 

Before Christ, she was a tormented soul. Though she had money, it couldn’t solve her situation. Her case looked hopeless. But once Jesus saved her, she was never the same. She spent the rest of her life forever grateful to Him, serving Him however she could.

Chances are, as bad as things may be, your situation is not nearly as desperate as that of Mary Magdelene before she met Jesus. Just as He healed her and many other men and women, offering them new lives, He can do the same for you. 

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