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Abolition of Abortion with Sarah Cleveland

Apologetics Live episode 117

Sarah Cleveland joins Andrew, Anthony, and Justin to talk about abortion and abolitionism as a movement. They go through the problems of the past and abolitionism today. The key in the discussion is that abortion is murder, plain and simple. Many Christians are pro-life but Sarah explains the problems with the pro-life movement and how it is slowing the ending of abortion. Some Christians think a heartbeat bill is good enough, but Sarah explains why that does not go far enough either.

Sarah Cleveland is a nationally registered sonographer (RDMS) since 2004. She has worked in one of Ohio’s largest hospitals and small doctor’s offices alike scanning thousands of patients. She speaks on the dangerous and unbiblical methods of the pro-life movement and how its regulatory bills fail practically in the clinical setting, still allowing countless babies to die at the hands of their parents. She has testified twice against the Heartbeat bill in Ohio, assisted with statewide campaigns to have Abolition a top priority on candidates’ platforms, speaks at churches and homeschool groups, and ministers on campuses and outside abortion mills. She is a Christ-follower, former foster parent and advocate of massive DJFS/CPS reform, homeschool advocate, mother of 5 wonderful children, and wife to Aaron. She currently resides in rural central Ohio.

A caller joins in with a question of writing a fiction novel and would that be considered adding to the Bible.

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