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Apologetics Live 0008 Open Q&A

Apologetics Live 11/15/2018
LDS now attempting to shed the term “Mormon”
Arguments against anihalationisim?: Annihilationism and Jude 6-7, angels and the wicked undergoing punishment of eternal fire   https://carm.org/annihilationism-and-jude-6-7-angels-and-wicked-undergoing-punishment-of-eternal-fire
Also see: Is annihilationism true? https://carm.org/is-annihilation-true
Question regarding Limited Atonement: Did Jesus equate sin with debt?  https://carm.org/did-jesus-equate-sin-with-debt
Is sin a legal debt to God? https://carm.org/is-sin-a-legal-debt-…
Limited Atonement https://carm.org/limited-atonement
Words mean what they mean in context – World https://carm.org/words-mean-what-they-mean-in-context-world
Dying with Christ https://carm.org/devotion-dying-christ
Words mean what they mean in context – All https://carm.org/words-mean-what-they-mean-in-context-all
What does “died to sin” mean?  https://carm.org/questions-died-to-sin
What is divine healing and is it for today?   https://carm.org/is-divine-healing-for-today
See more on “King James Onlyism” at https://carm.org/king-james-onlyism
Ephesians 1……..Some of these verses are dealt with in “What is predestination and election?
See more at: “Unconditional Election” https://carm.org/unconditional-election
Recommendation to visit http://www.calvinistcorner.com/
 “Mormon words don’t mean the same thing.” https://carm.org/mormon-definitions
“Joseph Smith boasted that he did more than Jesus to keep a church together.” https://carm.org/joseph-smith-boasted
“What Do They Believe” by Andrew R. Rappaport https://strivingforeternity.org/product/what-do-they-believe-book/
The Book of Abraham Papyri and Joseph Smith https://carm.org/book-abraham-papyri-and-joseph-smith
Also see more at “The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible and his false claim to prophethood” https://carm.org/the-joseph-smith-translation-and-his-prophethood
To everyone’s surprise, in 1966 the papyri were rediscovered in one of the vault rooms of the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Deseret News of Salt Lake City on Nov. 27, 1967, acknowledged the rediscovery of the papyri.   Excerpted from https://carm.org/book-abraham-papyri-and-joseph-smith
Bill McKeever: http://www.mrm.org/about
Sharing the Good News with Mormons http://www.mrm.org/sharing-with-mormons
CARM’s website has very valuable documentation concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (The Mormon Church or L.D.S) at:  http://carm.org/mormonism
Who are the children of God in the Bible? https://carm.org/who-are-the-children-of-god-in-the-bible
Extraordinary and revealing are some of the “Quotes from LDS, (Mormon) Authorities on God” https://carm.org/quotes-from-lds-mormon-authorities-on-god
Who were the “sons of God” in Genesis 6? https://carm.org/who-were-sons-of-god-in-genesis
The Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis 6.  They are often identified with the Anakim of Numbers 13:33 and the Rephaim of Deut. 2:20.  Let’s take a look.  https://carm.org/what-are-nephilim
Was Jesus baptized by immersion or sprinkling?  https://carm.org/jesus-baptized-sprinkling-or-immersion
Does the word baptism mean immersion or sprinkling?  https://carm.org/does-word-baptism-mean-immersion-or-sprinkling
Is immersion the only way of valid baptism?
Feelings of LDS   Feelings, gods, and Joseph Smith
A Mormon stays Mormon based on his feelings https://carm.org/lds-stays-mormon-based-on-feelings
Christian materials? Basic Christian Doctrine   https://carm.org/basic-christian-doctrine  and Book Recommendations  https://carm.org/book-recommendations
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