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Bonus: More Post RA Fuentes Debate Discussion

Apologetics Live episode 133

Andrew and Justin are joined by several pastors and other brothers to discuss the debate with RA Fuentes on the topic of Calvinism is Useless and Dangerous. They review the tactics of RA Fuentes. His behavior before, during, and after the debate exposes that he is someone that loses credibility as a debater, teacher, or pastor. Several men from the Philippines come in and discuss not only the behavior during and after the debate but also their experiences with Mr. RA Fuentes. Andrew provides some helpful tools to recognize poor behavior and how to handle it when in conversations. Hear from many men all who have had a similar experience with Fuentes.

RA Fuentes has accused Andrew of lying on several issues. Andrew reveals the evidence that it is not true. They talk about the fact that someone that has to distort the facts or share half-truths to defend themself, is in a dangerous position. That is the behavior on display since the debate and Andrew does not shy away from answering. Since the debate, there has been many claims about what was said during the debate and they review what was said with the claims afterward.

Andrew offers a challenge at the end to examine his behavior and that of Fuentes. The two speak volumes of right and wrong; qualified and not.


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