Calvinism Defined: An In-Depth Look at Doctrine and Misrepresentation

Apologetics Live episode 209

Prepare yourself for a dynamic, thought-provoking journey through the realm of Calvinism. Bold promises are made here – you’ll get to unravel the essence of this doctrine, understand its misrepresentation, and delve into its practical implications. We tackle many theological topics, discuss the challenges of debating Calvinism, and examine the misperceptions surrounding it.

The conversation propels deeper into the theological fabric of Calvinism and its practical aspects. We dissect the doctrines of superintending, concurrence, regeneration, and irresistible grace that form the essence of Calvinism. We also dissect controversial topics like Open Theism and its implications on the perception of God, reconciling God’s justice with human free will. Greg Boyd’s arguments and their impact on our lives in relation to God form a significant part of this discussion. We culminate this intriguing conversation with an exploration of the confusion between justification and sanctification and the Christian’s works as described in the book of James.

In the third part, we shift gears and focus on the lifestyle and belief aspects in Christianity. Using scriptural references, we highlight how our conduct should reflect the Gospel of Christ. We discuss the often confusing concepts of regeneration and salvation, and how to become a ‘new creation’ in Christ. We further grapple with the misinterpretation of Bible passages, the challenge of responding to false teachers, and the essence of remaining faithful to the Gospel. Lastly, we share some updates about upcoming conferences and activities, providing a glimpse of how to balance ministry and travel in these uncertain times. So, get ready to embark on this enriching journey and gain a fresh perspective on myriad theological concepts.

(0:00:00) – Calvinism and Romans 9 Apologetics
(0:09:09) – Debating Calvinism and Misrepresentation
(0:17:53) – Understanding and Living Calvinism
(0:25:43) – Theological Debate on Depravity and Atonement
(0:41:48) – Doctrine of Superintending and Calvinism
(0:49:24) – Debate on Open Theism and Calvinism
(0:58:25) – Understanding Theology and Doctrine Concepts
(1:07:28) – Confusion in Justification and Sanctification
(1:24:10) – Lifestyle and Beliefs in Christianity
(1:32:59) – Misinterpretation of Bible Passages
(1:46:23) – Explaining Gospel Message and Upcoming Conferences
(1:55:45) – Different Locations and Activities

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