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Debate: Baptism Does Not Save Men (Baptist vs. Lutheran)

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Andrew Rappaport hosts a debate Debate: Baptism Does Not Save Men (Baptist vs. Lutheran). This is a formal debate between Ken Cook and Rob Barnhart.

The computerized transcript is below, it was not edited.

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Debate: Baptism Does Not Save Men (Baptist vs. Lutheran)

Andrew Rappaport: [00:00:00] Alright. We are live apologetics live. Glad you’re with us. We’re going to have a little bit of a different show here tonight. This will. A live debate. We are going to be having and this is between well we’re going to have the topic I should start with that.

[00:00:16] The topic tonight will be baptism does not save men. The person on the pro side of this debate will be Ken Cook. He is a Baptist and on the negative side will be Rob. He is a Lutheran so there’s differing views that we have their this is part striving for eternity. You can hear this on podcast on the Christian podcast Community go there to ChristianPodcastCommunity.org to check out all of our podcasts that we have.

[00:00:47] So real quick. I’m going to bring both Ken and Robbin so that they could quickly introduce themselves. And then we’re going to start the way we’re going to do this as. Guys already know that because they gave me the times we’re going to do fifteen minute openings for each of them. We’re going to do a 10 minute rebuttal for each.

[00:01:07] Obviously the opening we’re going to start with Ken and then we’ll do the rebuttal will start with Ken then we do the cross-examination ten minutes each. We’re going to do a five minute rebuttal for each and then a 10-minute cross-examination and then 10 minute closing arguments. And so that’s going to be the format for this too.

[00:01:28] If Rob is doing too well in this debate, I’ll just cut his time in half being a Baptist. I have wait. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Rub. I’m sorry, no will be fair.

[00:01:41] We got to try to get everyone laughing before the debate starts. Right? So Ken why don’t you introduce yourself first and then robbed after that.

[00:01:52] Ken Cook: [00:01:52] Perfect. My name is Ken Cook. I’m here in Portland, Oregon. I am a Reformed Baptist. And I’m very excited about tonight’s debate. I want to thank especially my wife who’s at home with our five children that enabled me to be here to nice quiet place tonight.

[00:02:11] Andrew Rappaport: [00:02:11] You really going to wear that hat, huh?

[00:02:13] Ken Cook: [00:02:13] Oh, yeah.

[00:02:16] Andrew Rappaport: [00:02:16] Rob go ahead introduce yourself.

[00:02:19] Rob Barnhart: [00:02:19] Hi, I’m Rob Barnhart. I’m a confessional Lutheran. There is a distinction there there Andrew not all Lutheran’s and sadly our professional. I’ve long time listener of striving for eternity Ministries and conquer the world. That’s how I know about interrupt Port.

[00:02:38] That’s it. Just recently. Met Kendall Cook. I do want to kindly just ask those people that if you are interested in this debate and you have got some kind of enjoyment out of it. If you wouldn’t mind at least donating $5 to CARM.org,