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Does the Babylon Bee know the Gospel?

Apologetics Live episode 136

Recently the Babylon Bee interviewed Elon Musk and Justin Peters did a video about their gospel presentation. The Bee is a popular online publication that often satirizes Christianity. So when they interviewed Elon Musk, people took notice. But what happens when satire meets reality? Do the Babylon Bee staffers know the gospel? The Bee has always been a reliable source of hilarity and entertainment. But recently, they’ve been straying from their core mission, interviewing Elon Musk and other such foolishness. Is the Babylon Bee up on their theology? Recently, they interviewed Elon Musk and – well, let’s just say it’s raised some eyebrows. But don’t worry, because Apologetics Live is here to help you navigate their interview and discern the theology …. or lack thereof.

Also discussed, did JD Geear really apologize and ask forgiveness of the LGBT community.

Listen to Justin’s podcast about the Bee.


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