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KJV Only and the SBC with Fred Butler of Grace to You

Apologetics Live episode 113

We will discuss Fred Butler’s book against King James Version (KJV) only. Fred works for Grace to You the preaching ministry of John MacArthur. The team will also discuss what happened at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) last week. Fred will discuss the problems with believing the KJV is the only translation of the Bible. There are many people that make arguments for the KJV as inspired and Fred provides responses.

The SBC events were a line in the sand drawn for many. Someone askes how he should approach his elders about leaving the SBC. There was a discussion about reasons to leave and reasons to stay in the SBC. The question needs to first be asked why a church wants to stay in the SBC. Some churches want to stay to fight the liberal drift.

One of the other subjects covered at the beginning of the show was the question about what is the unpardonable sin and can we commit it today?

Resources mentioned:

Royal Deceptions: Exposing the KING JAMES ONLY Conspiracies Against God’s Word by Fred Butler

King James Onlyism with Fred Butler

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