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Apologetics Live 11.29.2018

Scriptural qualifications for BISHOP in relation to women: https://carm.org/1tim-3-1-the-word-bishop-in-greek-is-feminine-so-can-women-be-bishops

Several repeated invitations to Roman Catholics to join in the Hangout found them to be unresponsive: The Gospel for Roman Catholics https://carm.org/gospel-roman-catholics

Edison from the Philippines discussed “sin” and “debt”…. https://carm.org/is-sin-a-legal-debt-to-god



Order your “My Pillow” at: 1-800-944-5396

Overview comparison of Calvinism Arminianism comparison grid  https://carm.org/calvinism-arminianism-comparison-grid

A call to live effective and purposeful lives in you Christian walk: https://carm.org/sermon-ephesians-41-16-live-worthy-your-calling

How do you identify a false teacher? https://carm.org/how-do-you-identify-…

How do you protect your family against false teachers? https://carm.org/how-do-you-protect-y…

Comfortable Christianity is a problem https://carm.org/comfortable-christia…

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