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Matt Chandler’s Failure is Cedarville’s Problem

Matt Chandler refused to obey 1 Tim 5:20 and with their history of ignoring immorality by their staff they passed a disqualified man onto Cedarville University and now wants to be excused. what is really happening?

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Resources mentioned:

Process of Reconciliation Card

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An Apology from Matt Chandler/Elders of The Village Church and a Statement of Forgiveness from Karen Hinkley

Former Member Accepts Acts 29 Megachurch Apology in Church Discipline Case

Former staff member at Dallas-area megachurch indicted for indecency with a child

The Village Church sued for more than $1 million over alleged abuse at church camp

Duty to Report Suspected Child Abuse in the State of Texas


Cedarville U Fires Professor With History of Admitted Sexual Abuse

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