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Miracles, Signs, Wonders, and the Trinity with Justin Peters

Apologetics Live Episode 142

Justin Peters will be with us Thursday at 8 pm EST, and you are invited to come along for this great conversation. Does the Bible explain the purpose for miracles, signs, and wonders (Acts 2:22)?

Why does having a biblical understanding of these issues inform our knowledge of God, and do we need to believe in the Trinity? If so, what is the Trinity?

We explain that it is very important to have a careful and precise definition of a biblical “miracle” Moses Ex 4; Ezekiel, NT Jn 3:2

A true miracle must be non-counterfitable.<br />
Must prove that God has vindicated His own messengers.<br />
A Miracle is a function of Divine revelation.<br />
Miracles are always for vindication.<br />
One definition; “A miracle is an event in nature, so extraordinary in itself and so coinciding with the prophecy or command of a religious teacher or leader, as fully to warrant the conviction, on the part of those who witness it, that God has wrought it with the design of certifying that this teacher or leader has been commissioned by him.” [A. H. Strong, Theology,118]