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Premillennialism vs Postmillennialism

Apologetics Live episode 116

Jim Osman and Drew Von Nieda discuss Premillennialism vs Postmillennialism with regard to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was a good discussion of the ideas without attacking each other. Jim argues that premillennialism requires a bodily resurrection of Christ and believes that can be argued from Peter and Paul in Acts 2:22-36 and 13:22-38. Drew argues that the bodily resurrection of Jesus is necessary for salvation but not for the kingdom.

They answered a question related to the binding of Satan and is he bound now or not. They both explained from their positions of eschatology how they view the binding of the strong man that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 12 and if that is a reference to Revelation 20. Some discussion was had on Revelation 20 and the literalness of that passage. There are different views between premillennialism and postmillennialism when it comes to Revelation 20. Jim offers a counter rebuttal asking if David and the prophets would have expected a literal kingdom as premillennialism hold to rather than a figurative one as postmillennialism holds to.


Resources mentions:

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