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Response to Listener over the Covid Vaccine

Apologetics Live episode 127

Last week was mentioned that a listener commented about Justin Pierce taking the covid vaccine and had negative comments. The listener has responded again and it will be discussed along with a more detailed explanation of the vaccine and why some are taking it or not. Is the covid vaccine the “mark of the beast”? many Christians have made that claim. This listener addresses that issues and we need a clear response. Is the vaccine passport the forerunner of the mark of the beast? Anything could be the forerunner, but we will not know until we see the mark the of the beast.

A big part of the difference in these discussions is to differentiate between the covid vaccine and the vaccine mandates. The vaccine is a personal decision based on many factors, such as medical conditions, the science of the vaccines, the use of fetal cell lines, etc. Where the vaccine mandates are an issue of freedom, not science. We should not get angry with others over this issue.

Here is the podcast that started this discussion: Jesus if the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Cult?

Resources mentioned: Report of Problems With Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Being Investigated: Contract Company

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