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Roman Catholic defends a view that baptism saves | Apologetics Live 0001 | CARM | Striving for Eternity

The first episode of Apologetics Live with Matt Slick of CARM.org and hosted by Andrew Rappaport or StrivingForEternity.org.

Started with the rambling non-sensical argument for social justice

Question on the nature of God

A Roman Catholic tries to argue that baptism is necessary for salvation based on Matt’s article about baptism¬†https://carm.org/questions-sedevacantism
See more at The Gospel for Roman Catholics https://carm.org/gospel-roman-catholics
The Gospel for Roman Catholics  https://carm.org/gospel-roman-catholics
The fallacy of Equivocation – Using the same term in an argument in different places but the word has different meanings. Example: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Therefore, a bird is worth more than President Bush.
Learn more about this topic at: “Logical fallacies or fallacies in argumentation”¬†https://carm.org/logical-fallacies-or-fallacies-argumentation
“What is logic?” is a great article to start for openers https://carm.org/what-is-logic

What are the differences between hyper Calvinism and Calvinism? https://carm.org/carm-calvinism

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