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Roman Catholicism and Issues of Forgiveness

A variety of topics were surveyed tonight on APOLOGETICS LIVE:

Roman Catholic views of “Works” and of “Merit”: https://carm.org/are-we-justified-faith-romans-or-works-james  and more at https://carm.org/what-is-the-difference-between-strict-condign-congruent-merit-roman-catholicism

Boundaries of forgiveness for others as well as one’s self: https://carm.org/topic-forgiveness  and https://carm.org/questions/other-questions/it-biblical-forgive-ourselves

Dispensationalism as compared with Covenantalism: https://carm.org/differences-dispensationalism-covenantalism-comparison

Finally, some issues regarding Baptism: https://carm.org/questions-about-baptism

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