Should Christians Cheer ‘Let’s Go Brandon’?

Let's Go BrandonApologetics Live episode 128

There is a popular cheer being shouted at public events, “Let’s Go Brandon”. This is a reference to foul language referring to President Joe Biden. Even though it is a sanitized version of foul language, the question for Christians is can they use that phase. Pastor Justin and Andrew are joined by Chris Hohnolz for Voice of Reason Radio to discuss this more. Some Christians are justifying saying “let’s go Brandon” as the same as King David in some of the psalms against his enemies. Scripture is clear that Christians should not use foul language. Is there a difference between using the phrase “let’s go Brandon”? Christians may disagree with President Biden’s policies, but he is still the president and Scripture says that we should show him honor. Dislike for the president does not justify dishonor. They guys provide a biblical argument on this issue.

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