Situational Ethics and a Powerful Testimony

Situational EthicsApologetics Live episode 110

Andrew, Justin, and Anthony discuss ethics. Is there a time that we can compromise God’s law for the better good? They get into a deep discussion on when as Christians do we need to stand up against oppression and when do we display love for our enemies. People use situational ethics to justify disobeying God. Many use situational ethics to decide what is right. The problem is that when people use situational ethics they put themselves in God’s position to decide right from wrong.

The team was joined by Peter, who provided a very powerful testimony of how God took him some a child that was sold as a sex slave, into the occult, to save him and make him a defender of others. Peter was joined by Chris Hohnholz of Voice of Reason Reason. They discuss is it cowardice to love our enemies?

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