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What Day Did Jesus Die? Was it on Good Friday?

Apologetics Live episode 106

Did Jesus die on a Thursday? Or did He die on Friday making it Good Friday? At least one of two possible days that he could have been crucified upon. Some say that it was Thursday and others on Friday, citing the biblical accounts of Jesus being buried before sundown as an argument–however, this verse only references what happened when Jesus had arisen and gone into heaven.

Thursday or Friday? We would not want you to be left wondering with all this debate! With Apologetics Live Podcast, we take the time to explore Christian thought from many different perspectives. Should we celebrate Good Thursday or Good Friday? Andrew discusses this with Aaron, the host of Truth.Love.Parent Podcast.

The Old Testament is a fascinating collection of writings about Jewish culture and history. One such law, the prohibition on cross-dressing (Deuteronomy 22:5), has been interpreted in various ways over time but it’s hard not to think that this passage might have had something to do with transgender identity! The team answer the question does Deuteronomy 22:5 apply to people today?

A challenge to the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ as Messiah is answered as a returning guest joins to continue the discussion from last week. The panel continues the discussion to help a young man understand the Bible.

Andrew explains the importance of answer questions from truly inquiring people versus those that just offer challenges. This young man is inquiring, unlike the person that he debated about Calvinism.

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